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Dahlia Dane – My New Girlfriend Site!

Published on March 19, 2014, by in Uncategorized.

I have exciting news about one of my friends – Dahlia Dane. She is a stunning blonde girl who, like me, has her own site (soon!). Check it out at Dahlia Dane Exposed.

My other friend Justene also opened her site. Check it out!


Meet My Friend Ashley Doll!

Published on January 23, 2014, by in Uncategorized.

I think you guys will like her! Check her out – she is like me, has her own site (ok, will be once I launch mine! But that will be soon). She has a great body and really sexy pretty face. I love her bewbs! :] x_x :]

ashley doll pic


My Favorite Photo (so far) of Aspen Parker

Published on October 5, 2011, by in Aspen Parker.

I saw this photo of Aspen Parker from her official site and I have decided it is the hottest photo ever.

aspen parker nude from her official site


Aspen Parker in hot lesbian pics with Destiny moody

UPDATE: Destiny Moody’s site has opened! click here to view

As the time gets nearer and nearer to Aspen Parkers website opening for members, we are slowly getting more and more photos and videos of Aspen Parker. Today I think I’ve found the hottest ones so far – they are of Aspen Parker and Destiny Moody, and these two hot lesbians are getting naked. Aspen Parker fully nude is the best sight you will ever lay your eyes upon.

Aspen Parker and Destiny Moody in this lesbian gallery

These photos are actually from a little while ago, but Aspen’s site hasn’t opened yet to ensure that it is crammed full of photos and videos. Her site won’t be one of those dead ones with 5 sets of pics! It’ll be full, so you can fully enjoy her!

Aspen Parker and Destiny Moody in this lesbian gallery

Destiny Moody is the girl with darker hair. She is really hot, but not as hot as the gorgeous Aspen Parker (brunette hair). I wasn’t sure if Aspen would do lesbian scenes but it looks like she is loving taking these photos and having fun with another gorgeous babe.

Aspen Parker and Destiny Moody in this lesbian gallery

The photos I love the most are when Aspen Parker gets fully nude of course though. She is amazingly hot fully nude. On her site she will show pussy, everything. She is the ultimate sologirl model I think.

aspen parker fully nude 18 year old teen


Aspen Parker Exclusive New Photos

Published on September 23, 2011, by in Aspen Parker.

Aspen Parkers official site is going to be opening soon, and despite multiple long looks for more Aspen pics and videos for this blog there haven’t been any released in ages. Well here is a few exclusive new pics. Make sure to bookmark our site – Club Aspen Parker – for more very shortly.

Aspen Parker Official Photos In Sexy Cleavage Outfit

The photo above of Aspen is from her official site and shows her sexy boobs off. I think her cleavage in the photo above is amazing and her small skirt shows the top off her legs off. On her official site she will be going full nude!

The great thing about Aspen is that she doesn’t only have to do the slutty look to look hot. She looks gorgeous when she could be mistaken for a secretary or librarian!

AspenParker.com photos

These photos are all from AspenParker.com’s official site, which will be open soon. I think we also need some photos of her ass. She has a great ass so it would be a shame to include an update of hot new pics not seen on the web before without including Aspen’s ass photos!

Aspen Parkers Ass


Aspen Parkers Cameltoe Photo!

This blog has not been updated in a little while, about a week, so today here is a nice cameltoe photo. Of course as this blog is all about Aspen Parker, this is Aspen Parkers pussy behind those yellow panties. You can see the outline of her nice snatch behind it. She has one of the greatest pussys. On the sites she has pics on she goes fully nude, so you don’t have to just enjoy camel toe photos, but I think hers looks nice.

cameltoe aspen parker